Tristan & Isolde

THIS story. This tragedy. This heartbreak. This movie. BRB, crying. Personally, I love this story even MORE than Romeo & Juliet. No offense to Shakespeare. I guess I just find it a little more realistic, considering Romeo and Juliet die for each other within a 4 day span LOL. The fact that Thomas Malory included […]

I Don’t Need Silver or Gold

It’s the social media scroll at midnight when you’re laying in your bed alone (insomnia), the endless mirror stares that feel like 5 minutes but turned out to be 30 (depression). It’s the perplexing energy that your coworker displays on a Monday morning (fatigue), the tight spandex you watch get swallowed by the hot girls […]


I would categorize today as “Melancholy Monday,” what do yall think? Partially, I blame it on the weather but deep down I know it’s just an emotion connected to my personality. So, sensing my down mood, I decided to switch on the air pods and listen to some nostalgic sounding music. Hence my blog title: […]

Helen of Troy

“Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships/And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?“ – Christopher Marlowe – Dr. Faustus Oh, all is fair in love and war… or is it? I’ve been saving this story for a while now and wanted to write it during the Christmas break, BUT life seemed to get […]

Water For Elephants

It’s a Tuesday, and I’m cold. The rain is making me depressed, I desire to spill my guts into paper, and my mind is prohibiting me from doing so; stupid mental blocks. I had a wonderful blog story for you all, but decided to postpone that until I am ready to write about Paris & […]

Leda and the Swan

“A sudden blow: the great wings beating still Above the staggering girl, her thighs caressed By the dark webs, her nape caught in his bill, He holds her helpless breast upon his breast.” Leda and the Swan – W.B. Yeats Greek Mythology is one of my favorite subjects to discuss, especially when it comes to […]

Myth of a Rose: Short Story

*The following short story relays the origin of red roses within Greek Mythology* The fire cracked softly in the dim lit room, where rows of books filled towering shelves that touched the tips of the ceiling. The wood floor danced in the glow of the heat and before the hearth laid a burgundy rug, with […]

Curse of the Pharaoh: King Tut

Yesterday, I was scrolling through old photos on my phone and came across my trip to Universal Studios. Among Harry Potter World being the top attraction, one of my favorite rides from the weekend included “The Mummy.” Besides the fact that the ride is in the dark with fire and creepy reenactments from the movie […]

The Tokoloshe

Have you ever laid restlessly in your bed, with the covers pulled up to your neck, listening to all the things that go bump in the night? Every tick, every fan swirl, even the soft knocks you hear in the subtle shift of your walls? You feel a presence, like something is watching you, yet […]

Arachne the Weaver

The first tarantula stared at me from the ground and pounced with the utmost strength upon my right arm. I’m paralyzed; my muscles tight with my jaw clenched. Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t think. A second, a third, a fourth, bound and latch onto my legs, my shoulders, my hips. A tight shrill rises in […]


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